Caring vs Kindness

looking out and looking inward

I like to know what I’m getting into. I think this is a common trait, and truthfully I don’t often give it too much thought. Lately I am seeing and hearing some interesting things passing through my own thoughts, as well as from other women.

I show up with a to-do list when I talk with my therapist. I want to tell him the issues I think are coming to the surface for me right now, and I want to know how to address them. However, I am becoming aware that there is so much within my own mind that I am not aware of at all! I have developed many coping strategies and patterns of thinking that are not really helping me anymore. I want to take a step back and look at what is really rising up, the real me underneath the critical thoughts and uncomfortable feelings.

Being kind to myself is something that I am really working on right now. It is not so simple. Making ourselves a priority is something that sounds really nice and we all say, “of course!” but when it comes down to it, doesn’t often happen. Blame it on American culture, women’s roles, blame it on our parents or fashion magazines. There is a connection between taking care of ourselves and being kind to ourselves, but they are not the same thing. I can manage to take my vitamins when I am feeling sick, but it’s not because I’m being kind, as much as because I don’t want to be sick with a baby to take care of.

I’m curious how others feel about this. How do you take care of yourself and how are you kind to yourself?


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