Chanukah Sameach!

The fam


Chanukah candle made out of a glass we rescued from my Grandpa’s house. Candles don’t have to be in a standard menorah! We like to get creative and burn oil in glasses.

I will keep this short since today was Shabbat and tonight is the first night of Chanukah. Today we had lunch at my sister-in-law’s with some friends, which was so quiet and comfortable and lovely. The food was amazing, I hope she takes to her blog and posts the recipes for the sweet potato enchiladas and the bean burritos…and the banana chocolate chip cookies for that matter! If you’re jealous you should be.

In keeping with the theme of my blog title and what I’m working on personally right now, I made a point to notice some of my favorite moments today.

1. Ben sang literally the entire twenty minute walk to the park. Freestyling, spoken word, a few random tunes. The sweetest line was, “I might be…exactly what you’ve…been looking for…your whole liiiife…” Yes indeed Ben, yes indeed.

2. My adorable niece Siona gifting me some big open mouth smiles and carrying on a several minute conversation of squeals.

3. Letting the kids stay up to light candles. We NEVER let the kids stay up later than their bedtime so this was a big deal for us. We sang together and Ben lit the first candle of Chanukah all by himself (I struck the match and he did the rest). Not only that, but he lit his own candles in his very own chanukiah (aka menorah) that he had made at school! He has grown up so fast and this is the first time I trusted him to do it alone without even thinking about it. He’s such a big kid already, thankfully he still lets me kiss him and snuggle him but I know some day he’ll give me the “Moooom!” when I try to kiss him goodbye at school.

Soo happy for Chanukah, staying up late, lighting his own candles…life is good! He didn’t even get a present or candy and still super happy. What a guy!
Handmade Chanukiah created by Ben. I’m so proud!

4. Mo totally quelling the conflict that was an undercurrent in the house today by acknowledging that we had been taking turns being annoyed at each other for no reason other than some subtle miscommunication. I agreed that we were getting annoyed at each other for being annoyed, even though we weren’t actually annoyed at each other. Does that make sense? If it does, you are probably married.

5. Ella doing her “bedtime dance” of tossing, turning, crawling and throwing herself all around the bed before she goes to sleep. She knows falling on the bed doesn’t hurt so she tries out all her new tricks there, and it is cuuuuute. CUTE.

This week will be busy because Mo and Ben have school, we have a few Chanukah parties, including two at our house, and I will still be blogging every day. The next big idea that I’m working on is “listening” so stay tuned!



3 thoughts on “Chanukah Sameach!

  1. I loved that you listened to Ben’s improv lyrics..and shared = ) he is indeed a special son …..they do grow up very fast so hearing him and communicating now is so important, but i can see you already know that,being a wise old soul yourself ❤

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