Long day brownies

It hasn’t been a bad day, just a really long one. Ben has been home from school for two days with a cold, and today Ella came down with a stomach bug. I had to really work my mom muscles, comforting and playing and just generally being “on” all day. Anyone who has had an intense day at work knows exactly what I mean. There were moments where I felt great, sitting on the floor reading with Ben, or watching Ella laugh hysterically at Ben jumping on the bed. There were also moments where I was trying to nurse Ella to sleep in the bedroom while Ben was in the living room pouring the oil out of the menorah and I really just wanted the day to be over and for Mo to walk through the door and save me. 




Sleepy Ella finally ready for bed


Fourth night candles


Beautiful boy, finally done with the day’s mischief making


New Chanukah tradition: SPARKLERS!!! Good call Mo!

Eventually the day was over and Mo did save me, and he even made a chicken soup. My day got so much better when I sat down to a hot bowl of soup that I didn’t make! Fortified by the soup break I figured it was about time we had some Chanukah treats in the house. I decided to bake something that I have been thinking about making for weeks, since a friend in Israel posted the idea for it on Facebook.

I wanted to call them “Long Day Brownies” but I also want to call them “Have it All Brownies” because they are the best dessert combination ever.

First make Hershey’s Best Brownies and spoon it into lined muffin pans. Then make this cookie recipe and spoon it onto the brownie batter. Bake at 350 until puffed and golden brown on top. Enjoy, whether you’ve had a long day or not.






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