The littlest things

I just cleaned out my bag and found:

1 pterodactyl (or pteranodon? what is the difference anyway?)

2 plastic knights

1 yellow paper clip

a handful of little white pebbles with one piece of peppermint gum, one white bead, and a tiny silver helmet mixed in

2 baby hats

2 pacifiers

Buzz Lightyear

3 baby toys

1 twig

I know these little items are insignificant in themselves, yet I feel so proud of the treasures my little ones bring into my life every day. I feel so glad that I get to share in their little part of the big world. My kids give a shape and meaning to my life and I’m so fortunate to know them and help them grow. Last night Ella went to bed early so I had a chance to put Ben to bed. I laid next to him and he asked me to hug him tighter and sing him a song. I felt like the luckiest, most important person in the world.

Here are some photos I stole from Mo’s phone from the past few weeks:

Arting out with the kids

Arting out with the kids

with Michelle

with Michelle

12-16 family books

looking at books before bed

12-16 family love

my loves in the glow of Chanukah candles

12-16 Ella window

my girl


Enjoying a quiet moment

Enjoying a quiet moment

12-16 ella candlelight

sick baby hanging tough

12-16 sufganiya

Sufganiya with fresh whipped cream and cinnamon sugar

12-16 swinging

Hanging on the swings at Ben’s school

12-17 family hug

The best thing ever


My life is not always so sweet and quiet as these photos. When it is and we capture it I love to look at images like this and remind myself of why I do what I do and how to enjoy the life that we have.

Thanks for reading.




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