My Top 5 Parenting Tricks

What do I mean by a trick? Well, these kids are smarter than us so we have to keep a few things up our sleeve to stay ahead.

1. Don’t want to share that pint of Ben & Jerry’s/delicious cupcake/anything sweet and expensive? Wait until they are sleeping and enjoy, but make sure you don’t leave any evidence. I don’t know about your kids, but if my four year old spots an empty pint in the garbage we are in for some serious harassment.

2. Having a bad day? Don’t feel like engaging in smiling, squealing conversation with your baby? That’s what all those slings and carriers are for! They can’t see the scowl on your face if they are strapped to your chest, zoning out on the sound of your heartbeat. We all have our moments and when we try to get the kids to leave us alone they only follow us around and demand attention more. Well give them what they want and put them so close to you that they can’t complain!

3. Need a break? Keep one impossibly annoying musical toy on a high shelf for emergencies. This will take some willpower, but if you only present your kids with really boring toys that require them to use their imagination most of the time, they will be so stunned by the magical musical wonder when you finally let them have it that they will leave you alone for a good half hour. Just think what you can do in half an hour. A long, hot shower, an uninterrupted conversation, the possibilities are endless!

4. Need help with bedtime? Enlist a single friend. Don’t tell them you need help, just invite them over for their favorite dinner or some fancy craft beers. Then, bam! hand them the baby while you put the big kid to bed. You’re really doing them a service, teaching them about the joys of evening childcare.

5. That is all. Whenever I tell Ben I have to nurse the baby he says, “Ima, peebeeesskidsdodorg?”


Probably looking for that frozen cucumber slice
Probably looking for that frozen cucumber slice




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