Boxing Day?

I had no idea what Boxing Day was until I googled it just now. Now I have only a vague idea, so please feel free to educate me. All I really know is that it is the day after Christmas. Our Boxing Day started around 5am when Ella started rolling around in bed. As usual Ben came in shortly thereafter, thwarting any attempts to get her back to sleep (I’m pretty sure they plan this). We all got up and wandered around in the pre-dawn haze until Mo gave me about half an hour to relax in bed alone. When time alone occurs before the hour of 7am it is worth triple, so I keep that in mind for Mo’s Shabbat afternoon naps. I think it all evens out in the end.

Ella enjoyed a real breakfast of cold leftover oatmeal (easier to eat with the hands!), molasses bread that I made the other night, cheese, and some kind of raspberry baby food from a pouch that I had actually bought for Ben for after his tooth extraction. He decided it tasted “like dust” so we tried it on the real baby. She made an adorable puckered face then promptly smeared all over her entire body.

Exhibit A
A little dinner theater courtesy of Ben

We spent the rest of our day visiting Mo’s parents at their apartment in Boca Raton. I had never been to Boca before, but it held a mythic place in my mind as the retirement capitol of the world. It seemed like the place where everyone’s real or imaginary Bubbie lived. In our case, it is where my kids’ actual Bubbie and Grandpa live, at least when they are not back at home in New Jersey. I was kind of intrigued to see what it would be like at their apartment complex. I had a pretty good idea because we live in Miami ourselves and our building happens to be home to a great number of retirees and their caregivers. I was pleasantly surprised by the cheery atmosphere at Century Village. Everyone we met was tan and smiling, glad to see kids running around and excited to meet the grandchildren they had heard about. We usually encourage Mo’s parents to visit us and his younger brother’s family where we live to limit the long car riding with little ones, but this time they insisted that we come to them. We had a funny feeling that they wanted to show the kids off to their friends and I’m pretty sure we were right. I don’t think anyone was disappointed.

mirrors are big down here
Ella scored her first delicious junk food snack, “veggie sticks” which are really just salty, greasy, potato sticks. She repeated “Yum yum yum yum” for about 20 minutes while she gnawed on a few.
What is this heavenly delicacy you have bestowed upon me??
Relaxing by the lake. Beautiful view from the porch of Bubbie and Grandpa’s apartment!
Hangin with Grandpa and Abba
Ben swimming while Bubbie chats with a friend

Bubbie’s sister lives in the same complex and she had her seven year old grandson spending a few days with her, which was extra fun for Ben. So much fun that he didn’t want to come home with us, so we left him overnight! There was even a magic show tonight in the rec. center theater! I guess they know all the kids are visiting this week.

Happy holiday week everybody, we’re almost through the 30 days of blogging so hang in there. You can look forward to a guest post from my sister-in-law on New Year’s Eve!




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