Top 5 Reasons Kids Make the Worst Bosses

I love having kids and being a stay at home mom, but sometimes it starts to feel like I’m just a peon in a work place run by tiny tyrants. Here are a few reasons why kids should never be in charge.

Kids are:

1. Irrational

You need to go back inside because you forgot your what? Oh, your pirate eye patch. Of course. Why would I ever think of trying to drive you to school without your pirate eye patch?

2. Impossible to please

Here baby, have a bite of the delicious sandwich I made for myself that you have been trying to pry out of my hands. And… you just spit it at me. Okay then.

3. Unpredictable

Yesterday he said, “Broccoli soccoli, you are my favorite!” Today, those look like tiny trees in an evil sorcerers forest. Of course they do.

4. Endlessly Demanding

Kids can be totally out numbered by adults, and they will still keep us all busy. Come to think of it, this is an interesting management tactic…

5. Insulting

This morning my son asked me why my “tushy cheeks stick out so much.” Seriously? I think this is material for a lawsuit.

And…an extra one just because it’s true:

The quarterly performance reviews will never be objective because they love us wayyy too much.

They may look sweet but they are really brutal in the office.
They seem sweet but they are really brutal in the office. Just look at Mo’s face! 

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Kids Make the Worst Bosses

  1. Hahahaha, hysterical!!! #1 reminded me of last summer when I dropped Aidan off at camp and l drove to work. It was super hero week at camp and about 45 minutes after I had been at work (at the preschool, 40 minutes away) the director called me and told me Aidan was having a melt down because he left the super hero cape he made the day before at home and wanted to know if I could go back home and bring it to him…..ummmm…please put my kid on the phone. NO!! Capital NO!!! 🙂

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