Homeschool Diary #9


Yesterday was kind of a disaster. I left the house at 9am feeling kind of sick but still intending to go to the Monday morning homeschool meet up at the park. It started raining so I drove to my friend’s house instead, thinking we could play there for a little while and hoping the weather would clear up. Once we arrived at her house I started to feel more and more woozy so I laid on her couch while our kids happily took out all her toys and played together. I felt scared about what I would do the rest of the day, wondering if I was actually sick or just stressed out. After an hour of feeling worse and worse, I decided I was probably sick, took the kids home, called my husband and asked him to leave work early. I managed to get home, but I was so out of it I parked in the wrong parking spot! Ben noticed and reminded me so I put the kids back into the car and switched spots. I took them upstairs, put on a video for Ben and laid down with Ella until Mo came home to rescue me.

Thankfully he was able to borrow a friend’s car and come home as soon as he was done teaching for the day. He took the kids on an adventure and I laid in bed, somewhat delirious, feeling awful, trying not to fight it. I tried a few different homeopathic remedies which helped a lot. By the time the kids came home in the late afternoon I was at least able to sit up and have a conversation. By dinner time I was up again and feeling a bit more human. I went back to bed with the kids at eight and was really glad I did because Ella woke up crying about ten times during the night. She is getting molars and it has been really tough. She has been going back and forth between a few nights with a lot of waking, crying, and nursing, then a few nights of sleeping well. I look forward to getting past this teething stage because I would really like to night wean. I love the nighttime cuddles, but I know she is waking up out of habit for milk and I don’t want to keep it up for much longer, for her sake and mine.

Overall, I was just glad that we made it through the day in one piece yesterday! Today was much better. I tried to get started slowly and not push myself. I recently had a conversation with my therapist about working on my boundaries with my kids, being firmer, and following through more consistently. I have always tried to be consistent, but I see that in many ways I need to take charge a bit more. I don’t mean that I want to punish, or be any less kind. I do mean that I want to set a firm boundary and stick with it. For example, when I am in the kitchen I will ask Ben what he wants to eat. He will often ask for things that are not on the menu at that time (we have reintroduced many fruits but save them for the afternoon because he handles the sugar better at that time of day) and he will refuse anything else. Then as soon as I sit down or start to do something else, he will ask for whatever I had originally offered. This happened today, and instead of getting him the snack he had originally refused, I calmly said, “Sorry, no more snacks right now. The kitchen’s closed for an hour and we can have a morning snack at 10:00.” He was really upset and let me know how upset he was. I set a timer on my phone for one hour and let him look at it every few minutes. Then I decided to get out of the house and take a “nature walk” into the greenery outside our apartment building. We had some conflict getting out of the house but once we got out there we all felt better. I told him we would walk around outside until the timer went off, then we would all go in for a snack.

Marching along!
Marching along!

We counted trees, saw some cool moss and a snail, then went to the strip mall next door to run a few errands. I bought Ben a foam airplane because I wanted him to have something to play with so I could rest a little this afternoon. It was a bit of guilty parenting, but I think feeling under the weather is a great excuse for things like that! We went back upstairs and all enjoyed a snack. I was really proud of myself for putting a boundary in place and following through with it. In the end it became something fun. One of my main goals for the next few weeks in homeschooling is to put more routines like this in place. I hope this will help Ben feel more secure in the flow of the day so he won’t feel as compelled to test limits quite so much. I mean, he is five, but there has been some pretty intense opposition over here lately!

After our snack Ella took a nap, then we went to the doctor to follow up on some issues she was having last week. It was a challenging two hours in the office with both of them, and I hope to have some more back up care for instances like this. I feel like it is kind of a waste of Ben’s patience to take him to the doctor with Ella and vice versa. Even so, the kids kept it together as well as could be expected and we made it out unscathed, if you will. Ella seems to be doing well so I was very happy and thankful for that! Afterward we went to visit some friends in Miami beach. Ben was so excited to see his friend and Ella was happy to play with her pal as well. My friend and I drank coffee and talked and we all walked to the park. We were having so much fun we didn’t head home until 6:30! We picked Mo up at school and went home, Ella was asleep in the car so I brought her upstairs and shuffled her into bed while Mo got Ben ready for bed and read him some books. It was a really peaceful evening, and I was so grateful for our visit with good friends. 

Our weekly schedule is getting fleshed out but I still have no idea what we are doing on Wednesdays and Fridays! For now, I’m thinking science or other sort of museum on Wednesday and library on Friday. 

In case you are interested, this is what our schedule looks like for now:

Monday: AM- Hebrew Class  PM- Phys Ed

Tuesday: AM- Playground/home time  PM- Enrichment classes: Drumming and Robotics

Wednesday: AM- Museum  PM- Playground/home time

Thursday: AM- ?  PM- Playgroup at the garden

Friday: AM- Library  PM- Family time/prepare for Shabbat

I am hoping to use the blank spaces to get together with friends or occasionally run an errand, as I don’t think that every single morning and afternoon need to be scheduled. I would love to see another physical type of class and maybe an art class added in there. For the sake of information I’ll be preparing a budget once I have all these classes sorted out so we can all see how much our style of homeschooling costs. 

Thanks for reading and sharing this journey with me as it unfolds!





2 thoughts on “Homeschool Diary #9

  1. If you find an art class that takes three year olds, let me know! My fish “craft” yesterday was supposed to have her practice cutting out a fish outline and then gluing scales onto it. My fish outline was unrecognizable as a fish, and my scales were too small and finicky for her hands. I felt crappy for an hour but then was like, outsource! I just can’t be everything, right?

    I’m getting lots of ideas from this series, so keep documenting.

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